Blue Line Ticket Terms and Conditions

By opening and using a Blue Line Ticket (hereafter referred to as BLT) account, you (the user) agree to comply with all of the terms and conditions in this user agreement, so please read all of the terms and conditions carefully.  You also agree to comply with the following additional policies and each of the other agreements on the Stripe Payment Platform page that apply to you:

This user agreement is a contract between you and BLT that governs your use of your BLT account and the BLT services. It applies to all BLT accounts for use of the BLT services. Please carefully read all of the terms of these policies and each of the other agreements that apply to you. We may amend this user agreement at any time by posting a revised version on our website.  The revised version will be effective at the time we post it.

BLT accounts are used to:

  1. Make tickets… by a Promoter, or a Ticket Maker (hereafter referred to as TM)
  2. Sell tickets… by a Ticket Seller (hereafter referred to as TS)
  3. Buy tickets… by a Ticket Buyer (hereafter referred to as TB)
  4. Gift tickets
  5. Store tickets
  6. Assign sub-promoters to sell tickets
  7. Accept payments for tickets
  8. Invite others to buy tickets
  9. Keep track of tickets made, bought, sold, gifted, or assigned to a sub-promoter

Opening an Account

You will need to open up a BLT account to use any of our services. Once you open an account with BLT you are responsible for maintaining adequate security and control of any and all IDs, passwords, personal identification numbers (PINs), or any other codes that you use to access your BLT account and BLT services. You are responsible for keeping your mailing address, email address and other contact information up-to- date in your BLT account profile. If you are selling any tickets BLT will prompt you to join Stripe, which is our choice Secure Payment Platform, to process payments for tickets. All payments from the buying and selling of tickets within BLT will go through Stripe, so therefore it is necessary for any BLT user who wishes to receive monetary payment for their ticket to sign up with Stripe, and adhere with Stripe’s terms and conditions. (Go to for more information on Stripe as a payment platform.)

Making Tickets

Once you open up an account with BLT, you can become a TM (Ticket Maker) immediately. Tickets that do not have a monetary value, in other words are given out without cost, will not prompt the TM for any tax or bank account information. In the instance where the TM charges monies for tickets, BLT will ask you to join Stripe so that you will have all the facets to: receive monies for tickets sold; to get a tax form for Stripe (1099) so that you can declare all profits or losses on events for which you have sold tickets. Also once you become a TM that charges money for tickets you will also be assigned a unique Blue Line Ticket URL, and this will be one of your identifying features in your BLT and Stripe Accounts.

Selling of Tickets

All tickets that have monetary value are sold in whole dollar amounts (American Dollars). The lowest price ticket is $1 (one dollar).

As a TS (Ticket Seller) you are a Ticket Promoter (hereafter referred to as TP) or a Ticket Holder (hereafter referred to as TH). A TP is a TM that is selling the tickets for monetary consideration. A TH has either bought, or has been gifted a ticket, and is reselling that (or those) ticket(s). All TS cannot sell the tickets for more than the price of the ticket. (There is no scalping allowed.) All BLT users who sell tickets must receive a unique BLT URL, and also obtain a Stripe Account. Ticket Buyers (hereafter referred to as TBs) do NOT have to sign up with Stripe to sell tickets. However, if a TB wants to resell his/her ticket, then they will become a TS, and therefore will have to have a Stripe account so that they can receive their monies for ticket(s) sold.

The money for each event will be paid to BLT, who will pool the money, and then send it to the TM. This money will be held for TEN business days after the event date. Only after this time period will this money be transferred to the TM. This is done to ensure that the event actually transpired, and that there are no complaints or misrepresentations on behalf of the TM. If TB’s file complaints about the event, BLT will handle all adjudications of such discrepancies, and decide if full or partial refund be allotted to the TB, and the original TEN business day limit to transfer the funds from the event can be extended until such investigations into the actual occurrence of the event is finished. All monies refunded to TB’s will be charged to the TM’s account. Once BLT has confirmed that there are no active complaints, or subtracted the refunded money to the TB(s), the money will be sent to the TM. If there are numerous complaints (more than three), BLT will hold onto the event’s money until all disputes are settled. All judgements made by BLT are binding to both the TM and the TB.

All fees from Stripe are charged to the TS, both in the sale of the ticket to the TB, and then the transferring of the monies from BLT to the TS. BLT does not charge any fees to the TS.

For all TB’s: you are able to buy tickets once you make an account, a Digital Wallet will be given to you to hold your digital tickets. The TB agrees to pay BLT 1.75% processing fees for the buying of any ticket. If for any reason a TB feels that the TM did not provide the event represented on the ticket, they can formally complain to BLT by emailing us BLT will investigate the matter and will be the judge if a full or partial refund, minus all Stripe expenses and BLT fees, will be given to the TB.

The collecting of sales tax is solely the responsibility of the TS, and all sales taxes are INCLUDED in the price of the ticket. For the TM, use the formula: (Price of ticket) / (1 + Local Sales Tax) to get the Price of Ticket without tax; in this way the TS can see what the local sales tax is for each ticket sold. A quick example: what would be the local sales tax of a $20 ticket if the local sales tax was 8.5%: ($20) / (1 + .085) = $18.43. This means that the price of the ticket is $18.43 and the local sales tax is $1.57.

BLT does not in any way hold responsibility for any representation made by a TM regarding the event that the ticket is for. BLT does not keep any of the monetary consideration paid for any and all tickets, and any complaints or requests for refunds by the TB. Complaints that are solely the responsibility of the TB (ie, not able to attend the event for personal reasons, or did not like the event, etc.) will not be considered as a valid reason for a request for refund.

The TS is allowed to sell tickets through till the ending time of the event

Buying of Tickets

A TB agrees to pay BLT a fee of 1.75% for every ticket bought through BLT. All BLT fees are nonrefundable.

Storing of Tickets

Gifted or bought tickets are stored in a TB’s Wallet.